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  • A double grip on the styles of the press at the UA LTD. Autumn and Winter Exhibition!
  • 2016.08.05 FRIDAY

Autumn and Winter Exhibition! In order to gather information as early as possible on what kind of items will be popular this fall and winter, we took a sneak peek into the UNITED ARROWS LTD. Fall and Winter Exhibition. A look at the members of the press gives a good idea of the styles being followed by each brand. So let’s take a look at what everyone is wearing!

Photo : Kenzo Naka

Kana Ajiro

ua_ajiro_1DAY 1
This outfit features a short river-tailored jacket and wide pants of soft felt. It is covered in this year’s recommended materials.
ua_ajiro_2DAY 2
Today sees a more refined and mature impression with navy, beige and gold. The outfit is coordinated around an excellent “blazer-style” jacket.

【Items and Trends to Watch for This Autumn and Winter】
Styles including jackets for normal wear
Fur items

Ayae Mizuguchi

as_mizuguchi_1DAY 1
With a loose knit top tucked into a high-waisted slim skirt, she goes for a playful silhouette. The outfit features a beige tone.
as_mizuguchi_2DAY 2
This outfit features a flared skirt that rises in the front to reveal the socks. Similarly to Day 1, this outfit plays with the silhouette, this time featuring gray tones.

【Items and Trends to Watch for This Autumn and Winter】
Fur items including vests and mufflers.

Kotaro Nakajima

by_nakajima_1DAY 1
This outfit features an overall theme of black with accents of white. An oversized coat is combined with a playful inner shirt and shoes for a casual effect.
by_nakajima_2DAY 2
In the excellent British fall/winter style, this outfit features an oversized glen check jacket for a style that is very much in line with this year.

【Items and Trends to Watch for This Autumn and Winter】
Knit V-necks

Another Edition
Minako Honda

ae_honda_1DAY 1
A large-sized MA-1 from〈Another Edition’s〉combines with black denim and sandals to create a clean silhouette.
ae_honda_2DAY 2
A remade Nordic knit top from 77circa is coordinated with〈Another Edition’s〉red sweatpants for a colorful accent.

【Items and Trends to Watch for This Autumn and Winter】

Mai Toshin

en_toshin_1DAY 1
A coordinated loose-fitting outfit is balanced with a short imitation fur coat. A long-sleeved top from AALOT adds a sense of playfulness for a fashionable yet casual style.
en_toshin_2DAY 2
This outfit combines an elegant asymmetric one-piece dress with jersey-cloth pants for a sporty look. A rib-knit turtleneck underneath makes for a clean impression.

【Items and Trends to Watch for This Autumn and Winter】
Mustard colors

Miyamoto Tetsuaki

ua_miyamoto_1DAY 1
Today’s outfit was a classic navy blue jacket with a pair of military-style trousers. The wide profile of the pants is of note.
ua_miyamoto_2DAY 2
This outfit features a wine-colored jacket and a scarf. The color of the mil-spec-style jacket and the usage of the scarf give a sophisticated look.

【Items and Trends to Watch for This Autumn and Winter】
Wide silhouettes
Items with a French flavor
Styles that combine classic bases with a variety of different tastes

Miyuki Kawarai

by_kawarai_1DAY 1
The main point of this outfit is the velour slit pants. The masculine look is nevertheless coordinated in a casual, feminine style.
by_kawarai_2DAY 2
An apron one-piece dress, an item being followed for this fall and winter, combines with a thick leather belt for a lively feel. The wide-open back style is also a point of notice.

【Items and Trends to Watch for This Autumn and Winter】
Velour items
Fur basket bags
Apron one-piece dresses

Takefumi Watanabe

ua_watanabe2_1DAY 1
Today’s outfit is a dressed-down style featuring a monotone suit style with a knit tie and a pair of Dr. Martens.
ua_watanabe2_2DAY 2
A slim-fitting jacket, a Nirvana T-shirt and a pair of Converse shoes combine for a grunge-style feel. Note the classiness of the brown color.

【Items and Trends to Watch for This Autumn and Winter】
Brown suits
Clean-shaven men

Maiko Watanabe

ua_watanabe_1DAY 1
A masculine jacket gives a somewhat powerful flavor. The outfit is coordinated in black, featuring an all-in-one with an off-the-shoulder neckline.
ua_watanabe_2DAY 2
A beautiful silk jacquard skirt contrasts slightly with a ribbed knit top. The outfit is accented by a single-handled red bag.

【Items and Trends to Watch for This Autumn and Winter】
Vanity bags
Red accessories

Boisson Chocolat
Azusa Sasaki

bc_sasaki_1DAY 1
This outfit is coordinated in low-key skin tones. The color-accenting top as well as red lipstick and shoes add a showy touch.
bc_sasaki_2DAY 2
Red is used as an accent for this earth-toned ensemble. Note the large basket-style bag. The fur lining makes this outfit appropriate all the way to the start of autumn.

【Items and Trends to Watch for This Autumn and Winter】
Red items

Kayoko Iyanagi

ua_iryu_1DAY 1
This loose-fitting outfit combines a skirt featuring an A-line silhouette with a relaxed white top. The loafers on the feet tighten up the image.
ua_iryu_2DAY 2
The sweetness of the lace top is tempered by a denim skirt, and velvet pumps add a fall/winter feel.

【Items and Trends to Watch for This Autumn and Winter】
Loose-fitting items
Fur items
Checked patterns
Velvet materials
Lace items

Jewel Changes
Yuri Ueno

jc_ueno_1DAY 1
This classical one-piece dress from〈Velnica〉features a cinched waistband. The color is a trendy dusty blue.
jc_ueno_2DAY 2
A lacy Victoria-toned blouse and an elegantly-silhouetted coverall give a classic Jewel Changes look.

【Items and Trends to Watch for This Autumn and Winter】
Victoria-toned garments with gold accessories
DOWBL pea coats
Lacy blouses

Takumi Kawasaki

en_kawasaki_1DAY 1
A large-silhouetted jacket combines with wide pants and a tucked-in inner T-shirt for a full and lively balance.
en_kawasaki_2DAY 2
Pants with a strong military-style olive tone match perfectly with an orange-colored knit top. Beige leather shoes finish off the ensemble with a mature look.

【Items and Trends to Watch for This Autumn and Winter】
Large-silhouetted items
Long-sleeved T-shirts
Military-style eye-catching knits

Odette e Odile
Yuki Fujita

oeo_fujita_1DAY 1
The fall-winter directional theme is “a feminine-chic woman’s style.” The image of this style is a colorful, chic feminine look.
oeo_fujita_2DAY 2
This look combines elegant and authentic items for a chic effect. The special-order brand flap-style shoulder bag is of particular note.

【Items and Trends to Watch for This Autumn and Winter】
Velvet materials
Pumps with straps
Flat and mid-heel shoes
Elegant items

Norihide Tsuji

ua_tsuji_1DAY 1
With a highly functional and easy-to-move setup with a white T-shirt, the effect is a simple yet classy and sporty style.
ua_tsuji_2DAY 2
A brown, classic-style suit with a red corduroy shirt expresses a fun sense of color. Freedom in creating such combinations is a must this fall and winter.

【Items and Trends to Watch for This Autumn and Winter】
Checked patterns

Koji Kodama

by_kodama_1DAY 1
This outfit combines black with navy blue. The effect is a traditional British style that is set off by the Converse shoes.
by_kodama_2DAY 2
A basic T-shirt and pants are combined with a garment from〈ATELIER BÉTON〉for a relaxed coordination.

【Items and Trends to Watch for This Autumn and Winter】
Oversized jackets

Shinsaku Masuda

ua_masuda_1DAY 1
This fall/winter style dares to augment the suit with a pastel-colored shirt as a highlight.
ua_masuda_2DAY 2
A college jacket and a formal shirt are combined for an elegant yet casual look, resulting in a mature coordination with a fit that is not overly slim.

【Items and Trends to Watch for This Autumn and Winter】
Traditionally-based styles
Close-cropped haircuts

Miho Hirai

by_hirai_1DAY 1
A black lace blouse gives an air of femininity, while a black denim coverall adds a masculine silhouette for balance.
by_hirai_2DAY 2
The color of this 90s-style used secondhand sweatshirt coordinates with a hippy-style wraparound skirt. This style is well-conceived and highly recommended.

【Items and Trends to Watch for This Autumn and Winter】
Fur bags

Shiori Takeishi

ua_takeishi_1DAY 1
This outfit is centered on the green pants, which give a vivid sense of color even in the fall/winter season. A white top adds a refreshing feel to the ensemble.
ua_takeishi_2DAY 2
A blouse with flared sleeves creates a loose silhouette while creating feminine-looking curved contours in an outfit with chic colors.

【Items and Trends to Watch for This Autumn and Winter】
Mary Jane shoes
Standard-colored shirts

Satoshi Morimoto

mt_morimoto_1DAY 1
A special-order faded〈Dickies〉denim jacket and a Metallica T-shirt along with black〈Vans〉create a 90s style.
mt_morimoto_2DAY 2
Wide pants and an oversized coat are used for a relaxed mode style. The combination of the sneakers and parka adds a “street” feel.

【Items and Trends to Watch for This Autumn and Winter】
Wide silhouettes
UK culture-styled items

Corporate PR Supervisor
Atsushi Yoshida

yoshida_1DAY 1
A relaxed check-patterned ensemble is combined with an oversized coat. Sneakers add a casual effect.
yoshida_2DAY 2
An olive-colored jumpsuit is tied off at the waist for a playful style. The sleeves of the jacket are rolled up to highlight the underside of the material.

【Items and Trends to Watch for This Autumn and Winter】
Military ensembles

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