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  • “The Tweed Run Tokyo 2015″ STYLE REPORT – Part 1
  • 2015.10.26 MONDAY

“The Tweed Run Tokyo 2015” took place on Sunday 18th October, in perfect weather with the sun beaming down brightly from above. The participants in this event, which was held for the fourth time, don items made from tweed (as specified by the dress code) before setting off on their bicycles for a tour around the streets of Tokyo. A range of “tweed fashions” - ranging from classic styles to modern combinations with a touch of “street” and “à la mode” about them - could be witnessed on the day. Here, we present a selection of those in the form of “snaps”. We hope you enjoy these highly refined looks, which are presented together with the participants’ comments. In this first part, 9 participants are featured.

Photo_Takeshi Wakabayashi
Text_Yuichiro Tsuji

Winner of the “best-dressed” award
Usato Tomura/ art school teacher


“This fantastic event inspired me to learn about the rules of the road. A true gentleman has to abide by them, right? As for the outfit, I guess the gaiters are the key component. They add a classic feel to the outfit, as well as preventing the pants from getting caught up in the gears of the bicycle. Two birds with one stone! (laughs)”


“I’m always drawing portraits of people I meet on the street. People tend to be so pleased when I draw them, and that in turn makes me feel happy!”

Ayana Miyamoto/ model


“Riding around on a bike gives you a whole different perspective to Tokyo than when you’re just walking around. It’s so much fun! Since we rode around in a group, we could ride on the road without having to worry about anything. Of course, riding on your own is fun too, but dressing up and riding around together with everybody is really exciting and gives you a great feeling.”


“The outfit I’m wearing today is from ‘Maison Kitsune’. Next time I participate in this event, I think I’ll go for a more masculine look!”

(left)Kenji Takehara(right)Yusuke Hosoi/ PATRICK


Takehara: “This time, I’m dressed in the same outfit as my ‘Patrick’ teammates. Basically, I’m just hoping it will be a fun day.”
Hosoi: “Since everyone here is dressed up, it’s fun just looking at all the different fashions on display.”


Hosoi: “The lines on the sleeves and patches on the chest are made from reflective material, so this outfit makes it possible to ride around safely even in the dark.”

Tatsuya Matsumura/ UNIT&GUEST


“I’d received advance reviews from the other members of my team – who all took part last year – and they all told me it was really fun. And when I actually got here, it was even more fun than they’d told me! For me, the great thing about this event was that I got to ride along streets that I don’t usually pass through very often, so I discovered a whole new side to Tokyo!”


“I’ve coordinated my outfit today with tweed for both the caps and the pants. The shoes are bespoke ‘paraboots’ by ‘Hobo’. I’m really into the classic feel of the outfit.”

Bruce Pask/ Bergdorf Goodman


“The jacket I’m wearing right now is my favorite jacket, made by ‘Junya Watanabe Comme de Garcons’.Since it’s a lovely, warm day, I’ve gone for a combination which won’t weight me down too much. The dungaree shirt together with a necktie from the same color range creates a rough look perfect for a sunny day like today.”


“My favorite thing about this jacket is the fact that it has leather patch pockets. They really bring out the classic nuance of the outfit.”

Yoshimasa Ota/ construction consultant


“I always dress like this when I ride my bike. The truth is, I got both the jackets and the pants made specially from the fabric, just for bike riding. I hope that more people in Japan will start enjoying cycling and fashion at the same time as a result of this event.”


“I’ve adjusted the length of the pants so that they don’t get caught up in the gears. Every design and function has a reason. I’m going to try to carry on without losing my sense of pursuit and investigation.”

Juri Ishikawa


“I’m here today with my old ‘Raleigh’ bike. It feels great to ride a bike under a clear sky. I made this jacket myself using material from Scotland’s‘Porter & Harding’”. Since the color happened to match this knitwear, I put them together to see how it would turn out.”


“Actually, the I put the flowers on the handlebars myself too. Since the event originated in London, I’m going for a British style!”

Koji Takaoka/ SLOW CYCLE


“I felt a bit self-conscious when there was no-one else dressed like me! (laughs) But despite that, I’m really enjoying the event. Since I usually cycle mainly around the eastern side of Tokyo, it’s a new feeling to be cycling around the center. It’s kind of a strange feeling to be looking out on streets so lively and full of people from the seat of a bicycle.”


“I manage the Tokyo branch of a bike team from California. This event originated in London, but I’ve daringly gone for an American-style look.”

(left)Masaharu Miki(right)Takuya Akuzawa/ NEWYORKER


Miki: “I participated last year too, and had lots of fun cycling around the center of the city with everybody, so I entered this year too!”
Akuzawa: “Everybody has their own take on tweed fashion, and it’s both fascinating and enlightening to see the different characteristics and features of all the different outfits.”


Akuzawa: “For my outfit, I’ve gone for a uniform gray tone to match the tweed. The corsage on the chest and the teddy bears attached to my shoes are also made from tweed!”

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